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and more people are engaged in the production of silicone wristband .The style of silicone wristband is become more and more .The quality of silicone bracelets will also vary . So , it is important to know how to distinguish the quality of silicone wristband .   Now ,we will show you how to distinguish the color filled wristband .First ,we can check the edges of the color filled wristband .A high quality color filled wristband ,the edges of it are smooth and without notches .When we trim the edge of the wristband ,we will use the professional machine .So the edge of our color filled wristband are very smooth .Second ,we need to check whether color filled wristband are made of pure silica gel .How to check it ? We can use fire to burn silicone bracelets .If the combustion product is grey powder, the silica gel bracelet is made of pure silica gel ,otherwise the personalized rubber bracelets are inferior .Third ,we need to check that the color of the color filled wristband and logo is correct.The color of high quality color filled wristband and logo is correct ,we can compare the color of the bracelet and logo with the Pantone color card .If the color is identical, the quality of the silicone bracelet is qualified,otherwise the color fillecheap vip wristbandsd wristband is unqualified . printed-wristbandembossed-wristband

where to buy blue rubber wristbands
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