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Why black wristbands applies to the church-nike silicone wristbands

bracelets has become a new social phenomenon in the United States , but it is not only a fashion , but also an affirmation of tenacious life . Different colors of popular silicone bracelets represent different meanings . White bracelets represent anti-poverty, hoping that human life can be more beautiful and rich ; Yellow bracelets represent support for cancer patients, hoping that patients can get rid of the pain and recover as soon as possible ; Blue Bracelet represents anti-bullying, hope that the world will no longer bully, anike silicone wristbandsll places live and work in harmony . Silicone bracelet was first popular in the United States , and now it is popular all over the world . It is a hot fashion ornament . Silicone bracelet is made of 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber pressed by hydraulic press . The wristband itself has certain tension and softness , so it is easy to deform and recover immediately . About the wristbands color , We can produce silicone bracelets of any color for our customers . And because the silica gel bracelet has the characteristics of wear resistance , high temperature resistance and no distortion . Therefore , in packaging , we can adopt a variety of different packaging methods to achieve the desired results . Silicone bracelet is a real green environmental ornament , it will become more popular .    

black wristbands

The Christmas is comming. As we all know, Christmas Day is a global holiday especially in the westen country. British children put stocks on the fireplace on Christmas Eve, believing that Santa Claus will climb down from big chimney at night to give them a gift full ofnike silicone wristbands socks. French children put shoes at the door, letting the Santa Child put the gift on the shoes. During the Christmas holiday, all Christians hold a grand ceremony. More and more people pay attention to it, it become a national holiday, the most grand year festival in the country. A rubber bracelet customized for Christmas is a great item that remind people the story of Christmas. We can put the logo like Santa Claus , Christmas deer, Christmas hat, Christmas tree on the bracelets. We can make the band color the Christmas colors with red , green and white. Children will love the bracelet as a gift with the cute Christmas logo.  

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